Hairdressing for women


At Pacheco’s we are very much aware of the constant changes in styles, mixed cultures and daring of presnt day where magazine and catwalk design has taken over the streets.

A world with no geographical borders , an everchanging fast speed information and communication reality with overlapping trends and fashions fit for the woman of today, the only master of her time and life.

Fixed or non fixed weft extensions ,hair colouring, caring and protective high quality dyes, creams gels and foams to shape and give flare, all the accessories and complements, sunscreen for hair and all the other necessary products for the complete and perfect keeping and caring of your hair can be found at ours salon and shop. With over 100 years of experience Pacheco has a place in most homes in our beautiful city of Valladolid; the Young and not so Young keep their monthly appointment with us sharing their excitament of renewal and our expertise faithfully, creating a modern, fresh and original woman of today.

Some of our creations.