Home hairdressing catering services


A personalised treatment.

An unforseen last minute event making it impossible for you to leave the home

Be comfortably at home surrounded by the atmosphere you love.

Due to some physical hándicap or other temporary impairment.

We also cater at hospital (or hotel room).

A special event (wedding, baptism,holy comunión…) with the convinient and conforts of dressing up in the privacy of your own house.

Still some doubts?, please do feel free to contact at 983 207 030, 691 045 321 or arrange a meeting at Pacheco’s in Valladolid, or perhaps you’d rather send an email? peluqueriapachecovalladolid@gmail.com

A team of professionals will attend you performing a top quality service in all your beauty and hair requirements in the confort and privacy of your house with Pacheco’s expertise guarantee.

Not only wil we make a profesional hairdressing and beauty parlour of your sittingroom but also we provide a real salon in Valladolid for the previous make-up test, perhaps you would like to try our sevices before or for any other questions you may need to solve in person

we are not an online hairdressing platform, Pacheco’s hairdressing and beuty salon He has been providing its services since 1979 in the very centre of Valladolid.

Peluquería a Domicilio Valladolid

Peluquería a Domicilio Valladolid