Wigs and hair pieces

Wigs and hair pieces,Oncology wigs .

At Pacheco’s we know that personal image and feeling confortable about one’s look helps when we have to tackle a difficult situation such as this. Our concerns about the way others may see us may have an impact and everything counts that is why within our expertise we offer a wide range of wigs from the catalogue Urban Styles trying to best accomodate to your needs an requirements.

The new collection of wigs of the famous actress Rachel Welch, Urban Styles, reflects to perfection the latest international fashion trends : outstandings hairstyles with unbeliavle shades topped with a máximum quality manufacturing and finish in each and every piece.

Integrada por más de 30 modelos, la colección pertenece a la prestigiosa firma alemana Ellen Wille, punto de referencia imprescindible en este ámbito y empresa con una consolidada trayectoria de más de 45 años, cuyos productos son Colaboradores directos con nuestra casa Peluquería Pacheco.

Ellen Wille

Estas pelucas se pueden utiliza como pelucas oncológicas.
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